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Smeg Appliances

PHOTOGRAPHER – Michele Aboud
AGENCY – Big River Creative
STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

Janai was approached by Big River Creative to help cast and creatively direct this futuristic campaign for Smeg. She worked across all elements from the selection of the photographer and fashion designers to accessory sourcing and conceptual development with the designers.


The clean, futuristic design of Smeg’s latest appliances can be said to be pushing trends in the kitchen, hence the creative direction behind this collaboration. Marrying the cool steel, smooth glass and glossy iron of stovetops, ovens and wall mount grillers, JAS fashioned up three models to appear in cutting edge outfits with similar metallic fabrics and sharp lines


Key elements of each appliance range were highlighted and cleverly worked into the design of the clothing and accessories. Accessories designer Kate McCoy was brought in to create jewellery out of the actual appliance hard wear, tying these details back into the fashion. Dramatic hair by Michele McQuillan and make-up by Nigel Stanislaus sat perfectly with the couture garments, constructed by Leonardo Salinas and Justine Davis.


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