What We Do.

Janai Anselmi Styling is styling service for advertising and editorial shoots. We work with a select group of clients to deliver wardrobe, props, sets and ideas. We are often involved in the creative at the treatment or pitching stages.


Working as a team means we can turn jobs around much quicker and with more flexibility. Our individual strengths and styling experiences are pooled in order to find creative solutions. We have an extensive stock wardrobe, which increases the options we are able to provide, and therefore our turnaround time. Our professionalism makes us stand out; we can provide expedient quotes if required and work to an agreed budget. Support images for pre production are always available hi resolution, or documented for your convenience.


Ten years of continuous work across film, television and print means we have a strong resource of suppliers to draw from. Whether you need a couture dress designed or 24 square meter glass window erected in the city we can find you a solution.

We are excited to work with our regular clients on their personal projects to create many of the edgier images in our portfolio.