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PHOTOGRAPHER – Steven Popovich
PUBLICATION – Sneaky Magazine
STORY - Broadcast

HAIR– Rae Boriboun

MAKE UP – Kristyan Low

STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

Janai created the brief for this story; She wanted to shoot a story that interpreted masculine style dressing in a retro, feminine way. From Annie Hall to David Bowie and even 1980’s newsreaders, the sculpted hairstyles and powerful stances tell the story of women undeterred.


An enormous story with over 13 images, these two modern woman battle it out, sometimes literally, in men’s clothes. The use of strong shirting is continuous throughout. It is layered with everything from cigarette pants to bow ties, power shoulders and cravats. The colour palette is very secondary in tone; aqua, teal, yellow ochre and navy feature strongly.


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