Central Park

AGENCY – Andrew Hoyne Design
CLIENT – Central Park
STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

This campaign needed to showcases all aspects of what the Central Park precinct has to offer, in a fresh new way. The idea was to create a modern day interpretation of classic fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland, turning this contemporary environment into a magical and whimsical world.


The campaign shots flow together like chapters from a book showing ‘Alice,’ our beautiful female talent, following the ‘white rabbit’, our male talent.


Tongue-in-cheek references to Alice in Wonderland are used throughout, such as pocket watch, cakes (eat me!), giant chess pieces and other kooky props such as giant inflatable flamingoes and a real white rabbit, which was hired for the day sans wrangler. Janai sourced a plethora of colourful fake flowers to embed into the lush green foliage for one shot, in keeping with the ethereal theme.


Fashion was reflective of these fabled elements: Contemporary and somewhat flamboyant.