Charlélie Couture | L'Amour Au Fond 

DIRECTOR – Toby and Pete
CLIENT – Universal Music

ART DIRECTOR – Janai Anselmi

STYLIST – Jo Ayling

Jo and Janai provided wardrobe and art dept. services on this beauty of a music video for French artist Charlélie Couture.


Brain child of Toby & Pete, L’Amour au Fond tells a musical tale of an emotionally challenged guy who’s heart becomes gradually warmed as he falls for his new neighbour. This was cleverly depicted with a large ice block crafted by the Make-Up Effects Group, which ‘melts’ throughout the clip as our OCD guy falls in lurve.


Shot in an old shop front, a set was built which panned across a hallway from one apartment to another. Warm hues with inviting sofas, wooden furniture, retro frames, plants, tapestries, shaggy rugs, cosy cushions and blankets in our amiable girls home meets the cool blue interior of her slightly sociopathic neighbour’s very minimal abode with angular furniture and artwork and no home comforts aside from an old TV set.


Wardrobe had to reflect the characters and we played with vintage inspired outfits with quirky accessories v.s. structured, slim fitting suits and starch pressed shirts. As the ice block head starts to melt, the shirt colours and ties become subtly more flamboyant as two worlds collide. An eccentric neighbour also features in a few colourful and whacky outfits.


This clip had it all… Dripping ice, smashing and breaking of props and even featured Toby and Pete in khakis as furniture removalists!