Dollar Shave Club

CLIENT – Dollar Shave Club
STYLIST – Jo Ayling

Other gifts can’t handle a gift this good. Mat and Jo worked on an amusing series of stop motion gifs showing traditional Christmas gifts in various states of pissed off and upset at the presence of Dollar Shave Club’s Xmas gift pack.


Miniature toy workers take action by tying a razor to a train track in a bid to murder the gift. A Christmas ‘Elf on a Shelf,’ after expressing his distain at the wondrous gift, lobs himself ‘off the shelf’ in a suicide mission. A defeatist Christmas jumper melts his own snowman pattern off with a retro hairdryer. A tie is reared and ready to attack the shaving set, cobra-style. A new pair of pants wets itself in embarrassment over how good the shaving gift is, and a sad teddy bear hides in the corner, head down, newly aware of becoming obsolete.


The studio was full of gadgets and gizmos, required to bring these mini sets to life.