PHOTOGRAPHER – Chris Ireland
DESIGNER - Chris Doyle
CLIENT – R.W. Grace / Liberation Music
STYLIST - Jo Ayling

Jo was approached by designer Chris Doyle to help out with a concept he had in mind for a single cover for Perth based songstress R.W. Grace. The idea was to create an image whereby skin on parts of the body were torn or cut out, revealing a beautiful floral undergrowth.


Jo sourced plants, flowers, grasses, creepers and ground cover and created a bed of luscious flora. A lining of thick plastic pool lining was layered into a recycled fruit box and filled with top soil before the planting could begin. Holes were torn into paper and placed over the flower bed to create the breaking-through effect.


Jo even provided her arm for this shot which made the 'Pluto' Single cover and follow up 'Shell' recently released via soundcloud.




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