What We Do.

Janai Anselmi Styling is styling service for advertising and editorial shoots. We work with a select group of clients to deliver wardrobe, props, sets and ideas. We are often involved in the creative at the treatment or pitching stages.


Working as a team means we can turn jobs around much quicker and with more flexibility. Our individual strengths and styling experiences are pooled in order to find creative solutions. We have an extensive stock wardrobe, which increases the options we are able to provide, and therefore our turnaround time. Our professionalism makes us stand out; we can provide expedient quotes if required and work to an agreed budget. Support images for pre production are always available hi resolution, or documented for your convenience.


Ten years of continuous work across film, television and print means we have a strong resource of suppliers to draw from. Whether you need a couture dress designed or 24 square meter glass window erected in the city we can find you a solution.

We are excited to work with our regular clients on their personal projects to create many of the edgier images in our portfolio.


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Janai started out as sculptress creating art out of clothing, furniture and bric-a-brac and photographing her creations. This led to wardrobe and costume for Film and Television before styling commercials and editorial shoots. Her greatest satisfaction comes from creating the entire image, from set to props and wardrobe for advertising or art direction and fashion styling for editorial shoots. Her quirky taste can be found across much of her work.

At the moment her favourite yoga pose is Crow (Bakasana) and she likes to wear all shades of blue or grey from head to toe. She aspires to do a one handed handstand, and has recently become a rock climbing and paddle boarding guru.

+61 415 314 864
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Our resident songbird, Jo is responsible for most of the large scale projects we undertake. With a background in buying, merchandising, marketing and visual display, she decided having crossed the pond from London in 2008 that she needed to get her hands much dirtier. Her quick eye and boundless energy make her the perfect lead stylist. Her easy style lends itself to many briefs and her skills with character wardrobe and props undeniable. Jo can often be found with paintbrush in hand, rummaging through recycled goods or messing around with plaster cast or liquid nitrogen for still life projects or fine art photography.

Her favourite yoga pose is half moon (ardha chandrasana) or anything that involves being upsidedown.

+61 414 712 855
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Liz joined the team in 2014. An experienced event stylist with a recent diploma in interior styling, her passion is all things interiors and exteriors, including a crazed love of rooftops!

She has worked overseas for most of her life in Japan, Europe and the US. Working as head hostess on yachts, this perhaps explains her obsession with seafoam (mint, for the non colour techs) and beachy, outdoor living.

Liz has project managed the building of super yachts in Italy, designing and overseeing the interior design of these vessels. Never without her trusty clipboard, her eye for detail, love of a challenge, and top organisational skills make her the perfect addition to the JAS team.

Her favourite yoga pose is cat pose (Marjariasana) but we reckon she’d prefer a surf board over any of that nonsense.

+61 456 709 161
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