PHOTOGRAPHER – Michael Corridore
AGENCY – Alphabet Studio
STYLIST – Jo Ayling

JCDecaux is the largest outdoor corporation in the world, best known for its bus-stop advertising systems. In order to showcase some of the abilities of their New Screens, JCD enlisted the skills of the team at Alphabet Studio to create what can be defined as a 24 hour responsive content campaign.


The creative is essentially a 24hour stop motion animation, reflecting in real time, the roll out of a ‘typical’ day. The aim was to encourage advertisers to explore and push new creative opportunities.


Shot in one day, Jo dressed and undressed, propped and un-propped these relatable scenarios of a Sydneysider waking up, showering and getting ready for work, eating breakfast, cycling to the office, a day behind the desk, hitting the gym, more eating, dating, partying, sleeping, waking up, showering...and so forth.


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