Kmart | Richard BaileykKmart | Richard Bailey


DIRECTOR – Richard Bailey
AGENCY – Cummins Nitro
CLIENT – Kmart
ART DIRECTOR - Janai Anselmi

This promiscuous TVC for Kmart was shot in a day in the city. This required Phillip St to be closed off during the weekend, meaning everything shot was intentional, from vehicles to background extras and foreground setup. Janai provided all fashion styling for hero and background talent, sourced props, coordinated the set build and all vehicles including the scooter with artwork plus directed art department from the concept stage through to the shoot day.


The whole shop fascia was a set build. At dawn Janai had a 14m piece of glass delivered, cut to very exact specifications, and a truck with a crane and spider lifter, to manoeuvre the glass into position with suction cups. Furniture was placed in the foreground to replicate a corporate reception area.


Janai had free reign at Kmart to source undies and chose to work with a contrasting colour popping theme. She also brought in a few obscure accessories and props to help develop the characters.


This campaign was shot in one continuous take. There are also two 15 second versions. We couldn’t shoot in the middle of day due to harsh sunlight and light being obstructed by the tall buildings. Therefore a couple of takes were shot in the morning, and rehearsals carried out for three hours during the day. Talent were given very exact cues and art direction through walkie-talkies which meant that by the time we were ready to shoot later in the day everyone was good to go to the second, and the commercial came together somewhat seamlessly.