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Monday's Child

PHOTOGRAPHER – Zanita Morgan
STORY – Monday’s Child
HAIR & MAKE UP – Margo Regan
STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

Zanita is a model turned blogger/photographer. This particular shoot was to launch FELLT, a platform for groups of bloggers. Such a collective is aimed at amplifying cult following and readership.


Zanita is great at shooting young models in natural light and harnessing their natural beauty. This story has a contemporary country meets southern belle vibe with a colour palate consisting of light blue, denim, chambray, washed cotton, cowhide and tasselled leather. There are a couple of more eccentric components that add a cool twist such as the clear mac, graphic jewellery and retro flip-ups.


Muted velvety tones were created on the eyes using a winning combo of Nars‘ Bali eyeshadow dusted over a wash of The Multiple in ‘Orgasm’ . Only concealer was applied where necessary & velvety matte skin was created with a final dusting of Nars’ incredible ‘Light Reflecting Powder. Mascara was omitted in favour of Egyptian balm to the lash and brows. Nars’ ‘Penny Lane’ cream blush was applied to cheeks and lips using fingers to perfect the look. To die for hair was created using products and tools from Kevin.Murphy’s ‘Mermaid Hair Kit’.

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