Seeing MS

PHOTOGRAPHER – Ian Butterworth
AGENCY – Grey Australia
CLIENT – MS Australia
STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

‘Most symptoms of multiple sclerosis go unnoticed by everyone except the person living with them. One day they can alter your memory, the next your vision. Striking without warning and leaving no trace, they are invisible.’


Seeing MS project invited nine photographers to represent each symptom using a single image, inspired by the stories of those affected by the disease.


Janai worked with Ian Butterworth on this particular execution, which illustrates the pins and needles or barbed wire under the skin effect that some sufferers experience.


Different weights and compositions of fabric were tested to see what would be most effective when wet. It needed to sit over barbed wire without tearing and be transparent enough to expose the barbed wire and skin.


Prongs of barbed wire were carefully bent to all face in one direction before being wrapped around the model in sections. Much spritzing and patting a wet bottom was involved on Janai’s part.