Nice n Easy

DIRECTOR – Jesse James McElroy
CLIENT – Nice N Easy
ART DIRECTOR – Janai Anselmi
COSTUME – Jo Ayling

Janai and Jo teamed up with Jesse James McElroy to create this brilliant Nice n Easy world of clichés and stereotypes based around a suburban American fairytale on Pleasant lane.


Our Brunette mother, Blonde ageing bombshell wife and Flame haired single mother find their worlds upturned by an onset of ‘the greys, ‘ beautifully represented by our hero antagonists Mr and Mrs Grey; A younger, cooler couple who’ve moved into the ladies street. Da Da Daaaaaah…..


The Worlds of Claire, Betty and Rebecca are represented by their hair colour, which is in turn reflected in their clothes, homes and furniture.


The whole shoot takes place in a suburban cul-de-sac and in the interior of one house. The rooms inside the interior house were carefully dressed to look like four different homes, down to the colour of bathroom bench and wall decor. The four exteriors were chosen for their colour subtleties and dressed to enhance homeowners colour. Wardrobe was inspired by Stepford wives but with more intense stamp of colour specific to each homeowner.


Janai and Jo directed all art department and wardrobe, from the colour of the cars in the driveways to the flowers in the bushes and the colour of the tennis balls.