A blue Planet

PHOTOGRAPHER – Steven Popovich
PUBLICATION – Pages Digital
STORY - A Blue Planet
HAIR - Dolly
HAIR & MAKE UP - Isabella Schimid

STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

This denim inspired story had been a work in progress for over a year, when a client asked Janai to create a story based on everyone’s most loved fabric. The shoot didn’t’ ever eventuate but the idea lingered!


Janai added a unique personal twist to her original idea and used a mash up of customised, designer and street-wear denim to create ‘A Blue Planet,’ published by Pages Digital. Labels kindly donated their old stock for Janai and crew to snip and modify. A friend of JAS, Elissa Marigold, who often makes things for us on our ad jobs, sewed and over-locked a lot of the more structural pieces. Many of the outfits came together on the day, subject to manipulation on the body and last minute attachments.


Janai chose to create a model army with the three brunette models and only shoot singles of each for high impact.