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The Hard Line

PHOTOGRAPHER – Steven Popovich
PUBLICATION – Institute Magazine
STORY - The Hard Line

HAIR– Dale Delaporte

MAKE UP – Isabella Schimid

STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

This graphic story was shot outside harnessing and shading direct sunlight. The black and white images feature tactile garments from metallic Chanel-like tweed jackets to white leather croc pants. Brocades, filigree prints and mesh that would normally clash are teamed together and appear cohesive in the black and white tones.


Model Amy Pejkovic fit bod comes from years as a Australian representative high jumper, it is very refreshing to see a model down a large hamburger for lunch. Dale’s dry straw like texture to the hair and Isabella’s killer brows complete the look.


This story was quickly picked up by Institute Magazine but has since gone viral after featuring on the Visual Optimism blog.