Tourism Australia | Ian ButterworthTourism Australia | Ian Butterworth

Tourism Australia

PHOTOGRAPHER – Ian Butterworth
CLIENT – Tourism Australia
STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

This quirky tourism campaign depicts a heavily stylised business conference in an underwater Australian environment. All talent and props were shot underwater at an Aquatic centre and pieced together with landscape and underwater wildlife images.


Special clothing had to be constructed to hold its colour and move well underwater. Hours were spent submerging fabrics and testing their colour variance over time. The hero outfits in each execution were custom designed. Her dress was extremely long so that it didn’t turn into a mini skirt as she swam; and we used dozens of strips of fabric that would swirl around as she swam. His suit had to be cut out of lightweight cotton and lined with weights to stay in place. Janai and Jo worked above and under the surface on the shoot day to keep everything in place and change the talent into their many outfits underwater.



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