PHOTOGRAPHER – Simon Harsent
AGENCY – The Monkey’s
CLIENT – Ubank
STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

Our first major green project had Janai and Jo team up with Simon and The Monkey’s agency to shoot UBank's home loans campaign. The aim was to create an image, predominately through camera for realism, that appeared as if moss had grown over a couple whilst they sat on the couch; Reflecting their home loan situation.


This involved days of moss research and experimentation: which had the best coverage, would live longest, was most green, available in large quantities, would stick to fabric and furniture, easy enough to transport etc. We ended up using 20 tubs of specially imported live moss from Tasmania and the south coast, which was flown in two days prior to the shoot.


Janai and Jo had two hours on set to cover the available surfaces and talent in a range of textures of moss to reflect the firmness or material of the underlying item. All furniture and props had to be brought into the location, somebody’s home, as the process of adhering wet living moss to the surface was quite destructive. We got through 6kg of glue.


The end result was created ninety per cent though camera. The intrinsic beauty of using live mosses added a richness and vibrancy to the campaign, which ran in banner format on the front page of most national papers.