White Pages

AGENCY – The Royals
CLIENT – White Pages
STYLIST – Jo Ayling

Jo, Janai and Liz had their wallpapering skills put to the test for this ad for White Pages, a hilarious ad aimed at businesses and reinforcing their online presence by using White Pages: the tag line ‘Bring More Customers Back To Your Business’ captured by potential hair salon customers dying to get in for their hair treatment!


We designed and coordinated a set-build which consisted of a fake walls and architraves with built-in window and frame. The flats were wallpapered and stripped at the end of the day. The Peroni, generously offered by the Pool crew, helped this task nicely at 8pm on a Friday night!


Props were collected from all over Sydney to create the right level of slightly old-fashioned, retro salon and the hair setter was found last minute, on the day from a dated salon on King St Newtown! Phew…


Talent were brilliant. Cast for their slightly quirky appeal and reflective dress sense they delivered brilliantly as desperate customers. So much fun that we had to get in on the action...and Jo found a new friend.